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Top Five Best E-Cigarettes

Posted in eCig Reviews, Featured

The E-Cig market is still fledgling, but already there are some quality products on the market. Still, choosing the right e-Cigarette is important, particularly given the price point and longevity of these innovative solution to the problems with regular cigarettes. If you are going to drop more than a hundred dollars, it’s important to be sure that you are getting the right value for your money. So, without further ado, here are the top five ecigarette brands. Blu If you can’t tell from the above ad, Blu desperately wants to be cool. And they want you using their eCig to look and feel cool. Granted, Stephen Dorff does make Blu...

Premium E-Cigarette Review

Posted in eCig Reviews

Premium E-Cigarette’s are our personal pick for ecigs. They are reasonably priced, made with high quality manufacturing, have a strong flavor line and have really impressive battery life. Pricing We start with pricing for one simple reason, it matters a lot in the world of ecigarettes. While regular cigarettes have a slew of negatives including health risks and hygiene effects, pricing has increasingly become a motivating factor in the transition from cigarettes to ecigs for many people. With many smokers dropping almost twenty dollars a day on their daily smokes, it makes sense that they would want a more affordable alternative. Premium E-Cigarettes offer that alternative. Let’s do the...

Blu ecig Review

Posted in eCig Reviews

Blu might be the most recognizable name in the ecigarette market right now. Sales are booming, people are taking notice and the ecigarette movement is growing rapidly. At the center of that is Blu. But does it really deserve the attention or is its’ name more reputation management than deserved honors? Pricing A huge draw for ecigarettes is their price. Compared to regular packs of cigarettes, you can save upwards of a thousand dollars simply by switching to this healthier alternative. So it’s easy to say that Blu does well on the pricing front. But when compared to other ecigarettes on the market, Blu comes up on the pricier...

eCigarettes versus Regular Cigarettes

Posted in eCig Information, Featured

Are electronic cigarettes safer than regular cigarettes? Electronic cigarettes are controversial in no small part due to the high controversy that surrounds regular cigarettes, both as a public and personal health issue. About 15 billion cigarettes are sold daily, equivalent to 10 million every minute. It is estimated that about a third of the world’s population smokes regularly, with the numbers on the rise in developing countries and about a quarter of the United States. The negative health effects of cigarette smoking are well documented. Tobacco usage contributes greatly to an increased risk of a multitude of cancers, including lung cancer, throat cancer, head and neck cancers, kidney cancer,...

eCigarette Safety Profile

Posted in eCig Information, Featured

Are electronic cigarettes safe? Many people know about the many dangers of normal cigarettes, including a variety of cancers and other negative effects, including aesthetic effects like wrinkles and smoke odors, but because electronic cigarettes – often shortened to e-cigarettes – are relatively new, there is a lot less information on their safety, but there is enough information to at least have an informed opinion. Originally developed as a tool to help smokers quit, the electronic cigarette has gained popularity due to the reduction in health risks compared to normal cigarettes and its convenient and measured administration of the desirable effects of tobacco. However, many still use electronic cigarettes...

eCigarette Decoded

Posted in eCig Information

In its many forms and methods of use, tobacco has been a part of human existence for hundreds, if not thousands of years, with some of its recorded use being traced back to Native Mexican tribes in 1400 BCE. Its popularity has, however, oscillated back and forth as societies have alternately seen it as a harmless diversion and an imminent health threat, as many Western societies view it today. Cigarettes are almost universally condemned as a menace to both personal and public health. In 1963, Herbert A. Gilbert patented a “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette” that involved “replacing burning tobacco and paper with heated, moist, flavored air,” which contained nicotine. Even...